History and technique of stained glass

" Stained glass is a decorative composition that draws its effect from the translucence of its support. Let's not try to be more precise. The definition would risk leaving out the oldest as well as the most recent manifestations of an Art that has not yet said its last word." (Jean Lafond, art historian, 1888-1975).

Stained glass simultaneously encompasses two aspects: on the one hand, it is a work of art that uses the glass support and its effects; on the other hand, it is a concept that sensitizes the passage of light through the glass and uses the place as a resonance box. The stained glass window is food for the soul, linked to the marvelous expressing its own poetics.

At the crossroads of arts and techniques, "stained glass is an atmosphere before it is an image." (Germain Bazin, art historian, 1901-1990)

Glossary of stained glass

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Sacred art

The sacred arts are artistic productions or practices (such as painting, sculpture, music, poetry, dance, etc.) whose purpose is to express the sacred. The

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Unlike traditional clear glass, frosted glass has a translucent appearance that does not block out light. This characteristic guarantees a certain discretion by preventing from seeing clearly

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Academic drawing

In French academic drawing instruction, the advanced student practices drawing by depicting a model posing nude. By metonymy, this kind of drawing is called académie. >

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Enamel is a melting material, composed of different minerals (silica, feldspar, kaolin and metallic oxides), which, vitrified and more or less opaque (frit), can receive different colors and be applied

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fusing flower


Fusing is a technique that has been in use for 3,500 years in the manufacture of glass objects. It is in fact the oldest of the techniques of

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Acid etching

Engraving is a process of cold glass decoration by removing material. There are several modes of engraving: direct engraving, wheel and point or

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Grisaille is one of the types of paint used in the manufacture of stained glass. Opaque in nature and matte in appearance, this element allows the addition of details that will stand out in transparency.

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Silver yellow

This product completes the range of traditional paints (brown or black grays) but it is a cement: it allows to "tint" a glass in yellow, orange or amber because it is

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restoration of tiffany lamp


In art, restoration refers to interventions and treatments that serve to restore a given historical state and, thereby, improve the legibility and aesthetic integrity of an object or a

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Sandblasted glass with gardening motifs


Engraving is a process of decorating cold glass by removing material. There are several modes of engraving: direct engraving, wheel engraving and point engraving

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This name designates a technique of stained glass setting, probably invented by the great American artist Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) who explored the whole field of glassmaking, from the art of

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Plated glass

Plated glass: blown glass whose thickness is generally clear (transparent white or slightly colored) and covered with a thin colored layer; this technique allows to obtain nuances in the intensity of reds

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professional training in Cistercian stained glass

Stained glass

Stained glass is a composition of glass pieces. These can be white or colored and can receive a decoration. The word stained glass designates a technique while

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To transform, by firing or fusion, a substance into glass, or to give it the appearance and characteristics of glass > Link to the cnrtl website

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