' Applied fusing course

' Applied fusing course

The training

This course proposes to use the reactions of glass heated at high temperature. A first flat plate is made thanks to a classical fusing. This glass plate is then put in suspension on a hollow, then heated again to cause a shaping of the glass.

Why use applied fusing (drop out)?

To experiment with new uses of flat glass or fusing and create unique three-dimensional pieces.

Internship Program:

Theoretical and technical introduction.
Constraints related to the use and firing of glass for fusing.
Knowledge of materials and tools.
Conducting the furnaces.
Analysis and conclusion of the course.

Practical information

Instructors: Eileen Morrow Blaser, glassmaker-creator and Chantal Wessels, Mise en Verre workshop.

Skills/pre-requisites: none.

Personal equipment: usual stained glass tools (if necessary, the School will provide the necessary tools). Small DIY equipment.

Date : du 4 au 6 avril 2025

Horaire : vendredi, samedi toute la journée, dimanche jusqu’à midi.

Price : Fr. 560.00 (10% discount for members of the School Association) - including supplies and tools on loan.

Nombres de participants : 8

Students' works

Application for registration

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