' Glassmaker-creator diploma - stained glass and glass art training

' Diploma glassmaker-creator
training in stained glass art and glass

The training

This school-based training program combines the technical, creative and cultural aspects of stained glass and glass decoration. Its goal is to acquire the means of research and expression as well as the knowledge necessary for practical implementation. The glass artist-creator carries out his own projects in stained glass and glass. He or she is able to adapt projects developed by artists who do not work in the field of glass. If you have an interest in art, decoration and an activity that engages the mind and the hand; if you like the poetry of light and colored shadows; if you are looking for a form of independence, our school is a possible training path.


This training does not require any particular pre-requisites. The candidate is made aware of the responsibility of his commitment as well as his future professional activity in the field of a craft. His or her motivation is a determining factor. An interest in manual activities, art and glass is an advantage. An interview with the management of the School of Stained Glass or the presentation of a portfolio is desirable.

Age : from 18 years old

The training program is spread over 3 years of full-time study. Part-time attendance at the School of Stained Glass is possible (minimum 3 days per week). On request, applications can be made during the year.

Diploma works

Les examens de diplômes interviennent à la fin de la formation au bout d’un minimum de 3 années d’études. Les travaux pratiques en vitrail et en verre doivent avoir été accomplis, de même que l’ensemble du programme artistique et théorique.

Le programme d’examen comprend :

  • a theoretical study on a given subject concerning the world of stained glass, glass or art, to be presented orally and in writing
  • practical work with stained glass or decorated glass
  • a file and a project of architectural integration of stained glass or decorated glass

Les travaux accomplis durant la formation peuvent également servir d’arguments d’appréciation

Program in pdf format

Download the training program here .

Application for registration

You can reach us by phone or by email, or fill in the form on the contact page: we will be delighted to have you with us!