' Acid etching on glass workshop

' Acid etching workshop
on glass

The training

The course deals with the action of hydrofluoric acid on glass. The acid etching can be used for a single piece of glass, its effects can also be combined with all traditional and contemporary techniques of stained glass.

Why use acid etching?

To change the texture of the glass, obtain frosteds and materials. To have the possibility of introducing several colors on the same piece of glass and create original decorations or gradations thanks to the flashed glass.

Internship Program:

Theoretical and technical introduction.
Security. Constraints.
Knowledge of materials.
Specific processes of acid etching.
Preparation of glass and acid.
Implementation of the project.
Analysis and conclusion of the course.

Practical information

Maître de stage : Chihiro Nakamura – maître-verrier.

Compétence/pré-requis :  connaissances du travail du verre ou du vitrail.

Matériel personnel : outillage de base pour le vitrail,  petit matériel de bricolage.

Date : du 30 août au 1er septembre 2024

Horaire : 

Vendredi : 9h00-16h30

Samedi : 9h00-16h30

Dimanche: 9h00-12h00

Prix : Fr. 510. — (10% rabais membre de l’Association de l’Ecole de
Vitrail) y compris les fournitures courantes (outillage en prêt).
Frais d’inscription compris : Fr. 300.–.

Nombre de participants : 4  

Students' works

Application for registration

You can reach us by phone or by email, or fill in the form on the contact page: we will be delighted to have you with us!