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Support a unique place!

The School of Stained Glass will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, but today it is facing important challenges! Its future is jeopardized by the sale of the building that houses it.

We are currently tenants of the premises. However, due to the owner's desire to put the building up for sale, we urgently need to find our own funds to purchase the building. If we do not succeed in raising the necessary funds to buy the building, our school would be in danger, as well as the ongoing efforts to defend the interests of the stained glass world in Switzerland.

We have the pretention to believe that our school is more than a school. It is a living, unique place, a place at the service of the defense of an age-old art form that is now in difficulty, but which nevertheless does not fail to seduce and to be attractive. It is still an atypical place, home to a community of teachers, students, visitors and various publics. With your help, we will be able to preserve this unique place of culture, perpetuate an ancestral know-how and, above all, continue to initiate and train the public to the unknown world of stained glass.

Today, we appeal for help to all those who know the school of stained glass, as well as to those who care about the development of the art of stained glass in Switzerland.